Lot Clearing

Lot Clearing in Windlake, WILimbwalkers Tree Service offers a full range of lot clearing service’s from invasive species removal, building site preparation, and construction preservation. Anyone living on the edge of a wooded area knows the harm invasive species create, from overtaking your yard and the insects it brings with it to the obstruction of wildlife views. We can safely remove and dispose of them giving you better views, more yard space, and keeping the bugs the thick under brush brings at bay.

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New Berlin Tree TrimmingOur lot clearing service in New Berlin and the surrounding area can also clear your lot for new construction building, removing the brush and trees, making it possible for the work to begin. If a total clearing isn’t what your after we can select cut your lot choosing what trees you want gone and what trees you want to save. Before the work begins we will establish safe working perimeters for the construction crews so they don’t damage the root structures or limbs of the trees with there large equipment and trucks.

Tree Service in Windlake, WI